Young Dracula


    Original Airdate: October 28, 1989

    A young man stops a store hold-up single-handedly, but in a strange way. He orders the first thief to knock himself out, which he does. The second one enters the building and shoots the boy twice with no apparent effect, and the boy orders the punk to start beating his head on the floor, and he complies. Later, Clark saves Andy’s life by pushing him out of the way of a falling steel girder. It strikes Clark in the head, and although it can’t really hurt him, he has to pretend it does. While at the hospital to get checked out, Clark meets the young man from the store, who is actually visiting intern Dr. Byron Shelley by day, and by night is a vampire. Shelley is using his knowledge of modern medicine to find a cure for the dreaded curse,and at the same time,he is being stalked by an older, more powerful vampire, who wishes Shelley to remain among the unliving creatures

    Guest cast: Kevin Berhardt as Dr. Shelley, Lloyd Bochner [Battlestar Galactica] as the old vampire, Dennis Neal as the doctor.