Original Airdate: October 21, 1989

    Roger Corben, a bungling bank robber, tries to rob an armored car even though he is having extreme chest pains. Superboy arrives and apprehends the bank robber, but the small time crook has a heart attack and is taken to a hospital. After being there awhile he recovers and escapes by murdering his doctor. After he leaves he suffers another attack and his car crashes into a tree and explodes. The police presume he is dead, but journalist Clark Kent is not so sure. Meanwhile, Corben is actually alive, having fallen into the hands of a mentally-unbalanced doctor who turns him into more of a machine than human being, and replaces his failing human heart with a radioactive power source, Kryptonite. The unearthly power source transforms the villain into the powerful cyborg Metallo.

    Guest cast: Michael Callan as Metallo, Paul Brown as Schwartz, Dave Fennel as the mayor, Kurt Smildsen as the doctor.