A Woman Called Tiger Eye


    Original Airdate: May 19, 1990

    An old hag of a woman kills a man after he declares that she has double crossed him. Returning home, she takes off a disguise that reveals her to be a middle-aged woman, a female named Tiger Eye who has just completed a set of crystals of great magical powers. Now all she needs is Superboy’s heat vision to fuse the crystals together. Knowing Lana’s special relationship with Superboy, Tiger Eye kidnaps her to use her as bait, so that she can lure Superboy to her lair and force him to fuse the crystals together. Once this is done, they will imbue the sexy villain with incredible magical powers which allow her to control Superboy to perform her bidding.

    Guest cast: Skye Aubrey as Tiger Eye, Erik Freeman as Peter, Erik Lindshield as Denny, Tony Dimartino as Phillip, Danny Wynans as Bobby, Peter S. Paik as the Asian man, Ilse Earl as the teacher.