Johnny Casanova and the Case or the Secret Serum


    Original Airdate: May 12, 1990

    Clark, Lana, and Andy are practicing their tennis when another player asks Lana for a date. She turns him down, as there is something she doesn’t like about Johnny. When the young man arrives home, he finds his criminal brother dying from a gunshot wound, and before Stanley dies he gives Johnny a special liquid chemical he stole. The secret serum is designed to have the power to make someone irresistible, and after he takes the serum, Johnny is instantly transformed into the irresistible Johnny Casanova. Meanwhile, the gangster who really owns the serum, Mr. Gore, is searching for the liquid and will do anything to get it back. He learns that it has fallen into the hands of Johnny and his new girlfriend, Lana, and it will take Superboy and his super powers to save them from Mr. Gore, who will stop at nothing to obtain the serum.

    Guest cast: Mark Holton as Johnny Casanova, Glenn Maska as Johnny Avona­sac, Robert Reynolds as Stanley, Michael Marzella as Mr. Gore, Dan Hanemann as the Cabbie, Steve Dash as suited man #1, Nick Stannard as suited man #2, Gregory Ashburn as the manager, Conrad Goode as the bouncer.