The Secrets of Superboy


    Original Airdate: May 5, 1990

    After being put back in prison by Superboy, the evil toy genius Nick Knack escapes from jail to take revenge against the boy from Krypton. Once out of confinement, he builds a mind probe device that he first tries out on Daisy, his assistant. He drains Daisy’s brain until she dies, all of which happens in less than a minute, giving him the idea of trying it out on Superboy. First he uses an electronic device to lure Lana and Andy to his lair, then once there, he uses his deadly brain scan which is designed to uncover Superboy’s weaknesses which are hidden in the recesses of their brains, and kill Lana and Andy at the same time.

    Guest cast: Gilbert Gottfried as Nick Knack, Donna Lee Betz as Daisy, Roxie Stice as the girlfriend.