Revenge From the Deep


    Original Airdate: April 28, 1990

    In the 1960s a strange man is at a party, and is approached by a woman who tells him that he cannot remain with “their kind”. They go outside to the ocean shore, where he- actually a creature hiding in human form – uses a strange power to turn her into a piece of coral before throwing her in the ocean. Many years later, Andy is using a metal detector at the beach to find buried treasure. A skeptical Lana goes walking in the surf, where she sees the coral that was once a woman, and takes it home with her. Unbe­knownst to her, it contains the spirit of Ariana, a magical creature from the sea. The creature proceeds to take over Lana’s body to seek revenge against the fellow being from Atlantis that now lives on land in human fonn under the name of Charlie. She is forced to use fantastic powers to track him down, but once she finds Charlie Superboy has to try to intercede as the two use their incredible powers to do battle.

    Guest cast: Donatella as Ariana, Michael Shaner as Charlie, Steve Latshaw as the announcer, Judy Johns as Heather, D. Christian Goushaw as the bartender, Connie Adams as Susie, Steve Zurk as the beach patrol officer.