The Haunting of Andy McAlister


    Original Airdate: April 21, 1990

    Andy, Lana, and Clark drive to Andy’s great uncle’s mansion, where he has asked them to spend the weekend. Because Andy can’t read maps, they end up lost and only accidentally find the huge home. Once inside, everyone is impressed with the old mansion, and Andy tells them how his ancestors built the house when they were wealthy from selling rifles. The last fifty years his distant relative, a sheriff out of the old west, spent his entire fortune building more and more rooms onto the house, and for some reason was terrified that the outlaws he killed would return to haunt him. The decrepit home is full of secret passageways and trap doors, one of which Clark falls through. Meanwhile, Andy playfully shoots an antique rifle creating a mysterious rift into another dimensional plane allowing evil spirits from the past to escape, including Billy the Kid, who plans to kill Andy as revenge for his imprisonment in another dimension.

    Guest cast: Thomas Shuster as Billy the Kid, Fred Ornstein as Uncle Nate, Dan Kamin as the bullet hole outlaw, Sandy Huelsman as the woman outlaw, C. Rand MacPherson as the hangman outlaw, Ricardo (Papy) Rogers as the toothless outlaw.