Nick Knack


    Original Airdate: April 14, 1990

    A remote controlled toy truck enters the room of Nick Knack, a demented electronic genius who Superboy put behind bars in a mental asylum. The truck contains a device he uses to cut the bars on his cell and escape to the waiting arms of Daisy, the assistant that helped him escape. Nick Knack has promised to marry the plump Daisy (which he has no intention of doing), but he has a heist to pull off first, one that will require the talents of Superboy. The criminal takes his revenge against the superhero with an ingenious device that will absorb all of Superboy’s powers and transfer it to a mechanical suit. After rendering Superboy powerless, Nick Knack will use the suit to become the richest man in the world – if everything goes according to plan.

    Guest cast: Gilbert Gottfried as Nick Knack, Donna Lee Betz as Daisy, David Hauser as the soldier, Andrew Clark as the security guard.