Original Airdate: March 3, 1990

    Andy arrives with his girlfriend, Clark,and Lana, at a Jessica James concert with some back stage passes. Unfortunately, he actually bought them and the guard won’t let them go in as their passes are expired. Only Clark gets past the guard by using his press pass. Once near the stage, Clark sees a driverless, automated car heading towards superstar Jessica,and after changing into Superboy hesavesher. Jessica takes Superboy home with her, but he refuses to spend the night The next day someone contacts Clark to see if he wants an exclusive interview with Jessica, and he leaves right away. Once he gets to the studio, he finds a 70’s rock star named Venus, who was supposed to have died in an aircraft crash. Actually she survived but was horribly mutilated, so she got the beautiful Jessica to pretend to sing new songs that Venus actually recorded. Venus explains that she is telling Clark this to let the public know the truth, but actually she plans to kill Jessica, as she was already behind the car incident.

    Guest cast: Ami Dolenz as Jessica James, Kimberly Bronson as Venus, Kevin Quigley as Tucker, Deborah Defrancisco as Tiffany, Joe Candelora as the maitre D’, Bradford Dunaway as the security guard, Steve Latshaw as the engineer.