Abandon Earth


    Original Airdate: February 17, 1990

    Two police officers see some unusual lights, then two strangely-dressed people appear. They are none other than Jor-el and Lara, the biological parents of Kal-el, now known as Superboy / Clark Kent, ever since they sent their son to Earth and the Kents found and adopted the boy. They state that they have arrived for their son, a message that is soon on the radio and tv, and Clark learns when he hears the newscast. Changing into Superboy, he leaves the Kents to meet them, while Ma and Pa Kent agonize over the possibility that their adopted son may be gone forever. Arriving where his real parents are waiting, Superboy refuses at first to believe that they could be his mother and father, but finally accepts it as true. As he spends more time with Jor-el and Lara, they convince him to return to Krypton, much to the heartache if the Kents. Meanwhile, Jor-el and Lara a pair of frauds, who are masquerading as Superboy’s parents, kidnap Andy and Lana to take them along on the return flight.

    Guest cast: Britt Ekland [The Man With the Golden Gun] as Lara, George Lazenby [On Her Majesty’s Secret Service] as Jor-el, Ken Grant as Officer Campbell, Emily Lester as Officer Woods, Eric Whitmore as the police officer, Michael Preston as the second police officer, D.J. Kaussar as the FBI agent, Michael Mass as the terrorist, Steve Latshaw as the newsman, Bob Wells as the newscaster.