Original Airdate: February 10, 1990

    Andy asks Lana to help him with a project, but she doesn’t know that what he has in mind is selling fake Kryptonite rocks at a game. As the fans are leaving the game a wild man begins running amuck, a hideous-looking person with rotten, decaying flesh hanging from his face. He strikes and scratches several people before being shot by the police, but even this doesn’t stop him, a she only gets up and runs off. A bleeding Andy gets ready to go to the hospital when a strange man claiming to be a doctor approaches Andy and Lana. He finally reveals that the berserk man is possessed by a powerful, mad magician, and that every person scratched will become a horrible-looking creature under the magician’s power. Andy is given a foul-tasting liquid to “cure” him, but Superboy is not so lucky: he comers and tries to stop the wild man, but, incredibly, the possessed individual overpowers the Boy of Steel and scratches his face- which almost immediately places him under the control of the evil sorcerer Prodo.

    Guest cast: Philip Michael Thomas as Brimstone, Carlos Gestero as Prodo, Marc Macaulay as the maniac, Antoni Carone as the commanding cop, Michael Leopard as the security cop.