Run, Dracula, Run


    Original Airdate: February 3, 1990

    Dr. Byron Shelley, who was helped by Superboy to develop a drug that would keep his alter-ego of a vampire under control, is jumped by two thugs and his anti-vampire serum is stolen, forcing him to revert back to the evil dark ways of his ancestors. Lana receives a call from Byron where he pleads for help, and asks her to send Superboy before he changes into a vampire and kills again. Not knowing where Superboy is, Lana leaves to help him on her own, but the vampire attacks her, turning Lana into a vampire. She uses her new evil powers to turn Superboy into a vampire as well, and they both team up with Shelley, who plans to sneak out of the country with his newly converted vampires. Unless Superboy can use all of his super powers to resist the dark powers, he and Lana will be doomed forever.

    Guest cast: Kevin Bernhardt as Dr. Byron Shelley / Young Dracula, Louis Seeger Crune as the sheriff, Ivan Green as the old man, Leslee Lacey as Lorranie, Ed Amatrudo as Moe.