Yellow Peri’s Spell of Doom


    Original Airdate: January 20, 1990

    Clark, Andy, and Lana meet Loretta at a local club where she works. The rather plain-jane girl whom no one takes seriously has a yen for Superboy, so Clark delivers an autographed photo of the Boy of Steel to her. That night, Loretta practices some Black Magic and raises an evil spirit named Gazook. The demon realizes that Loretta wants the love of Superboy, so he turns her into “Yellow Peri,” a beautiful woman that no one recognizes as the homely classmate of Clark’s. With the help of Gazook, Yellow Peri puts a spell on Superboy, forcing him to fall in love with her. But she realizes that Lana Lang’s true love for Superboy can break her spell, so she sets out to kill Lana.

    Guest cast: Elizabeth Keipher as Loretta / Yellow Peri, Georgia Sattele as the student, John Glenn Harding as the bartender, Steve Latshaw as the newscaster, Steve Hansen as Gazook, James Detmar as the voice of Gazook.