Superboy…The Rest in Peace


    Original Airdate: December 30, 1989

    In the distant future a scientist learns that a deadly android has escaped and traveled back in time, where it is due to arrive at 20th century Shuster University. It seems that in the future it is known that Clark Kent was Superboy, although the android that intends to kill Superboy is not aware of the superhero’s secret identity. In the future, Serene, a girl chosen to go back and destroy the android before it can change history, is aware of who Clark is and looks forward to meeting her idol. The beautiful scientist arrives to find Clark Kent and warn him without divulging the future. However, Lana Lang and Andy McAlister are confused by the sudden appearance of Serene, who they think has romantic eyes of Clark.

    Guest cast: Betsey Russell as Serene, Andreas Wisniewski as the android, John Swidels as Professor Henderson, Lamont Lofton as the scientist, Judy Clayton as the lab assistant, Gayle Nadler as Gloria, Alison Dietz as Debbie, Harry L. Burney III as the campus guard.