The Power of Evil


    Original Airdate: December 16, 1989

    An evil, shapeless monster escapes from its containment in a far away country, bent on destroying Superboy. Sensei, an inhabitant of the mystical land, travels to America to warn the super hero of the impending danger. Meanwhile, Andy and Lana practice karate after a pair of punks nearly beat Andy to a pulp. The instructor keeps asking Andy how to reach Superboy, as Andy, always a braggart, claims he can contact the future Superman at any time. Actually int instructor, Seth, is the beast in disguise, and he insists Andy take him to Superboy. Lana notices how strange Seth has been acting, as she has been dating him. Meanwhile, Sensei arrives to talk to Superboy, and explains that the creature will find him soon, and it must be stopped before it kills again.

    Guest cast: Keye Luke as Sensei, Michael Champlin as Seth, Bret Cipes as the old man, Jim Becke as the cop, Michael Marzello as the voice of the creature.