Superboy’s Deadly Touch


    Original Airdate: December 9, 1989

    Superboy stops to help a pair of nuns whose bus broke down on the way to a benefit. Superboy gets behind the bus to push it, not realizing that one of the nuns is Lex Luthor, who sprays a gas out of the bus and knocks out the Boy of Steel. When he awakens, Superboy is unaware that he has been infused with a deadly and uncontrollable power source. He finally realizes that something is wrong when he tries to stops some bank robbers and nearly kills them in the process. The destructive energy makes his super powers run amuck and now everything he touches seems to fizzle and burn. Professor Peterson unsuccessfully tries to cure Super­boy, whose last hope seems to be Lex Luthor, who offers to reverse the effects if the governor gives him a full pardon.

    Guest cast: Tracy Roberts as Darla, Ken Grant as the cop, John Robert Thompson as the governor, Barry Cutler as the government official, Janis Benson as the nun, Gay Fry as the nun, Denise Norgaras as the technician.