The Alien Solution


    Original Airdate: December 3, 1988

    Unknown to Superboy and Lana Lang, they are being monitored by a weird gaseous creature in a spaceship high above the Earth’s atmos­phere. After inhabiting a lifeless body on board its ship, the alien follows and captures the unsuspecting Lana and subsequently succeeds in luring the Boy of Steel into his clutches. After a pitched battle on the Shuster University campus where Lana is rendered unconscious, it appears that Superboy has indeed defeated the strange alien warrior. But the gaseous being es­capes the lifeless warrior body, and enters Lana’s comatose figure. Thinking his lifelong friend is on the verge of death, Clark stand vigil over her hospital bed until he is confronted by the alien-possessed Lana. Clark is tore up over Lana being hurt by the alien, until the being regains consciousness and tricks Clark into following the gaseous creature back to its ship as Superboy. Once on board the alien vessel, the creature plans to add Superboy to his collection of lifeless warriors.

    Guest cast: Jeff Moldovan as Alien warrior, Dennis Michael as Henry, Christine Page as Dr. Howard, Ray Muennich as the paramedic, Todd Sealey as the first student, Tom Bahr as the second student.