The Fixer


    Original Airdate: November 26, 1988

    Superboy gets involved in a fixed basketball game at Shuster University which is masterminded by Shuster University senior, Lex Luthor. Luthor has bribed the star player to throw the game by threatening to publish some photographs of him smoking grass at a party, which would ruin his pro-basketball career. Clark, Lana, and T.J. team up to defeat Lex by convincing Stretch to win the game in spite of the consequences. Stretch eventually comes to realization that if he does throw the game, he will be in Luthor’s hip pocket the rest of his life. He decides to try his best to win, but his every move is foiled by another player who is on the take.

    Guest cast: Michael Landon, Jr. as Stretch, James Hampton as the coach, Curley Neal as the state coach, Michael Manno as Leo, Carl Jay Cofield as Moose, Harry Burney III as the referee, Ron Segall as the umpire.