The Beast and Beauty


    Original Airdate: November 19, 1988

    After a jewelry store is held up, the guard swears it was Superboy who melted their vault with his heat vision. Not realizing there is an impostor, the police issue a warrant for Superboy’s arrest. Meanwhile, as Shuster University, Clark Kent is interviewing Jennifer Jenkins, a Shuster graduate and contestant in a regional beauty pageant. Hugo Stone is the impostor and the would-be suitor of Jennifer Jenkins. Once she jokingly agreed to marry Stone if he “had a million bucks.” Armed with high-tech machines and a Superboy costume, he is stealing his million dollar dowry. The girl has no idea that the lunatic Stone will soon be paying a call on her, and Superboy’s problems are only beginning as the police arrest him after he saves two officers from a burning car that wrecked in pursuit of the impostor.

    Guest cast: David Marciano as Hugo Stone, Lonnie Shaw as Jennifer Jenkins, Roger Pretto as Detective Zeke Harris, Jeff Moldovan as Rudy, Rick Higley as the cop, Tom Nowicki as the security guard, Dan Barber as the emcee, Tal Millican as the announcer, Cyndi Vicino as the woman.