Bringing Down the House


    Original Airdate: November 12, 1988

    A rash of deadly mishaps plague the boardwalk and baseball amusement park the same week that Shuster University alumnus Judd Faust returns for a rare concert appearance at the college. The introverted rock star sweeps Lana Lang off her feet and appears to make Clark Kent a little bit jealous. While investigating the strange accidents, Clark discovers there is a bizarre link between Faust’s return to Shuster and the deadly theme park threats. Faust’s compulsion to collect almost anything is revealed to be a driving force in his personality – and in his profession. When Lana finds out what lengths Faust will go to add to his collection, it may be too late for her to survive her crush on the outlandish celebrity.

    Guest cast: Leif Garrett as Judd Faust, Don Sheldon as Andy, Antonio Fabrizio as Charles, Dennis Michael as Henry, Sabrina Lloyd as Betsy, Ed Montgomery as the umpire.