Countdown to Nowhere


    Original Airdate: November 5, 1988

    During a peaceful protest over the development of a dangerous new laser gun for the government, four thieves dressed as Shuster University football players steal the controversial weapon. To protect their getaway, they kidnap the protest’s organizer, freshman Lana Lang. Clark and T.J. are at a loss as to where the criminals are headed with Lana and the gun, but the young journalism students decipher a cryptic clue, and they realize that the thieves intend to sabotage the launching of NASA’s space shuttle scheduled for that afternoon. Concerned for the safety of his dearest friend and the danger posed to the U.S. space program, Clark Kent has little choice except to venture out into public as the Boy of Steel – SUPERBOY – for the first time ever.

    Guest cast: Doug Barr as Roscoe Williams, Duriell Harris as Theodore, Noah Meeks as Miller, Fred Broderson as the detective, Jay Glick as the security chief, Paul J. Darby as the radio operator.