The Russian Exchange Student


    Original Airdate: October 29, 1988

    The college adventure of Superboy continues as Natasha Pokrovsku, a Soviet exchange student, visits the Shuster University campus to work on a joint Soviet/American energy experiment with Professor Abel Gordon. While working in his high-security laboratory, Professor Gordon is jolted from his seat by an electrical short in his computer. Knowing that only he, Natasha, and his assistant Jeff Hilford have access to the lab, Professor Gordon already leery of the foreign exchange student, suspects Natasha of rigging the explosion. Insulted and hurt, Natasha packs to return to the Soviet Union, while Clark, Lana, and T.J. try to talk her into staying. Later, another incident occurs that nearly kills Professor Gordon and Natasha is believed to be the cause. But T.J. and Clark believe she is innocent and become determined to clear her from suspicion.

    Guest cast: Ray Walston from (My Favorite Martian) as Professor Abel Gordon, Heather Haase as Natasha Pokrovsku, Courtney Gaines as Jeff Hilford, Tania Harley as Elena, Roger Pretto as Detective Zeke Harris, Chase Randolph as Drake, Ralph Rafferty as the janitor, Rick Defuria as the policeman, Dennis Deveaugh as the thug, Aley Edlin as the second thug.