Back To Oblivion


    Original Airdate: October 22, 1988

    T.J. White, the son of Daily Planet newspaper editor Perry White, is investigating several acts of violence reported at the scrap heap near Shuster University, when he too falls victim to deadly machines constructed by old man Wagner (Abe Vigoda) to protect his yard. When Lana Lang hears of the attempt on T.J.’s life, she defends Wagner as a fine upstanding citizen. She even goes out to his scrap yard to calm the frightened Mr. Wagner. Hounded for years by inconsiderate children and neighbors, the old man’s past catches up with him as he begins to relive the Nazi holocaust, surrounding himself with protection. When Lana Lang turns up with some food, the senile old man mistakes her for his murdered daughter Lena. Attempts to reason with him are futile and it takes Superboy to brave the scrap-metal onslaught Mr. Wagner has prepared for the imagined Nazi takeover.

    Guest cast: Abe Vigoda as Mr. Wagner, Dennis Michael as Henry