Luthor Unleashed


    Original Airdate: May 27, 1989

    Lex Luthor uses a strange electronic device to knock out security equipment and guards to break into an Army base and steal some top secret laser weapon made specifically to kill people. Later, because Lexand his accomplice were wearing ROTC uniforms from Shuster college, T.J. and Clark are called in to find out if students were involved. Although Lex isn’t an ROTC student, he immediately comes to mind as the guilty party. Meanwhile, Lex is in a lab working on a chemical weapon when an explosion occurs and he is trapped behind a sea of flames. Superboy saves the life of Lex by blowing out the flames. At first Luthor is appreciative – until he learns that the exploding chemicals being blown around have caused all his hair to fall out To Luthor’s dismay, he’ll be bald for the rest of his life. Luthor vows to get even with Superboy for this horrible fate.

    Guest cast: Michael Manno as Leo, Pretto as Harris, Rance Howard as the colonel, Steve Howard as the guard, Larry Prancer as Felix, Paul Cohn as Oswald.