Original Airdate: May 13, 1989

    Superboy arrives to help an eccentric scientist repair his time machine. Superboy considers the scientist dubious at best, but his machine is causing power outages everywhere, so he agrees to use his heat vision to repair the device. But when he does so the scientist accidentally hurls them both back in time to 1939 Hollywood. Trapped in the past, Clark saves a beautiful girl from some thugs. It turns out that she is Victoria Letour, a beautiful, famous movie star whom he ends up falling in love with. Meanwhile, he finds the Professor but the odd man reveals that the time machine must be repaired before they can return home – and the necessary parts don’t exist in 1939. Superboy enlists Victoria to help him build the world’s first electronic calculator, which Superboy hopes he can use to fix the time machine and return the scientist and himself back to their own time.

    Guest cast: Doug McClure [The Land That Time Forgot] as Professor Zugo, Gail O’Grady as Victoria Letour, Fred Buch as Stoddard, Nick Stannard as Willis, Stephen Geng as Gus, Michael Walters as the hood, Jeff Moldovan as the hood, Bill Cordell as the assistant director, Gene Tate as the lawyer, Frank Cipolla as the paperboy, Emmett Fitzsimmons as the truck driver, Arnie Cox as the husband.