Black Flamingo


    Original Airdate: May 6, 1989

    A punk-rocker posi­tions his high-powered rifle atop a tall building, waiting for his target to come into view: a senator who is about to be assassi­nated. Luckily for the politician, Clark Kent is nearby, and he saves the senator and captures the giggling rocker. Superboy notices the boy is wearing a medallion with an emblem from a local club, so he goes undercover in the punk nightclub to discover why the boy was convinced he must murder the senator. At the club Clark comes up against the mysterious Snake-Man, who is using hypnosis to force young punk rockers to perform evil deeds against their will. The Boy of Steel is mo­mentarily mesmerized by the Snake-Man’s mind-altering spell but uses his super powers to overcome .the brainwashing. Now with the help of Lana and T.J., Superboy tries again to appre­hend the evil Snake-Man.

    Guest cast: Fernando Allende as the Snake-Man, Ada Maris as Natasha, Herbert Hoper as Agar, Ron Knight as the senator, Remy Palacion as the punk,Reggie Rierre as the punk, Ron Russell as the bouncer, Scott Gallin as the bouncer.