Little Hercules


    Original Airdate: April 15, 1989

    While sending a romantic poem to his girlfriend by computer, a thirteen-year-old computer genius accidentally sets off a sequential code which activates secret military weapons. The military can not stop the nuclear chain of events once it has started. The only hope is to call on Superboy, who flies the boy genius to a secret submarine where the missiles are ready to launch. With time running out, the boy decodes the computer while Superboy uses all his super powers to deactivate the nuclear missiles. But unless they can finish in time, it may be the beginning of World War III.

    Guest cast: Leaf Phoenix as Billy Hercules, Allen Hall as Lt Redman, Mal Jones as the commander, Elizabeth Marion as Amanda, Twig Tolle as Larry, Dean Drapin as Prof. Simon, Robert Hollinger as Heywood, Brian Solako asLenny, Jason Jacobs as Driggs.