A Kind Of Princess


    Original Airdate: October 15, 1988

    Clark Kent has fallen for Sarah Danner, whose father is a very important man in organized crime. He’s come to Shuster University for his daughter’s birthday, which doesn’t sit well with Casey, the local crime boss. Fearing that Sarah’s father is moving in on his territory, Casey orders him killed. All-out war is declared between the two gangsters after Superboy saves Sarah’s father. Clark questions his feelings towards Sarah, who accepts her father’s work a little too matter-of-factly for Clark’s tastes, though its not long before Sarah herself becomes her father’s bargaining chip against Casey. Helpless to do much but wait with his girl’s life hanging in the balance, Clark Kent sees what little value Sarah’s life has to her father, as he gambles frivolously with Casey.

    Guest cast: Julie McCullough as Sarah Danner, Ed Winter from PROJECT U.F.O. as Matt Danner, Harry Cup as Casey, Antoni Carone as Jake, Steven Anthony as Arnie, Dennis Underwood as the bodyguard, Roger Pratto as Detective Harris, Rebecca Perle as Nancy, Dennis Michael as Henry Oman, Paul J. Darby as the police officer.