Terror From the Blue


    Original Airdate: March 11, 1989

    Lana Lang shows up at the police station to do an interview for her paper on community relations. Lt Harris isn’t back from lunch, so Lana goes for a walk. Meanwhile, Harris is outside talking to Detec­tive Jed Slade, a crooked cop who Harris is trying to talk into turning himself in for his criminal activities. Just as Lana walks by, Slade pulls out a gun and tries to kill Harris. Seeing the attempted murder, Lana runs when Slade orders a couple of his cronies to get her. Running from the scene of the crime, Lana hides out in a friend’s house far away the location of the incident, but the crooked cop hasn’t given up and is still trying to find and silence Lana before she can reveal what she saw.

    Guest cast: Roger Pretto as Lt. Zeke Harris, Cary-Haroyuki Tagawa as Detective Jed Slade, Chase Randolph as Oscar, Michael Stark as Stone, Jim Howard as Gray, David Hauser as Manton, Chick Bernhard as Kinneran, Eddie Edenfield as Baker.