Birdwoman of the Swamps


    Original Airdate: March 4, 1989

    A con­struction project benefiting the poor is halted by mysterious, inexplicable occurrences. The local wildlife is blamed for the acts of vandalism. The spokesperson for the wildlife, an old Indian woman, says the local animals are upset by the construc­tion and they must not be disturbed. The investigative talents of Clark, T.J.,and Lana come into play when they try to get to the bottom of the strange attacks on the construction company. The old Indian woman claims the birds themselves are causing the acts of destruction, while Mr. Hogan, the owner of the construc­tion company insists the woman is behind the mishaps. Super­boy is called in to upright the huge pieces of fallen construction machinery, only to find himself momentarily succumbing to the Indian woman’s ancient magic. Meanwhile, Mr. Hogan, show­ing his true colors, sends his men out to remove the threat of the Indian woman – permanently.

    Guest cast: Marlene Cameron as the Birdwoman, James MacArthur [The Swiss Family Robinson] as Mr. Hogan, Mike Walter as Woody, Ted Science as the accomplice, Jack Swanson as Frank, Kim Crow asProf. Rogers, Liz Vassey as the student.