Stand Up and Get Knocked Down


    Original Airdate: February 18, 1989

    TJ. White and Clark Kent investigate the mysterious death of TJ.’s friend Michael, who had recently performed at a local comedy club. Suspecting that the club is involved in Michael’s death,TJ. signs up to perform. That night, he over hears the club owners talking about Michael’s murder. They thought Michael was trying to muscle in on their drug running business, so they eliminated him. When the club owners realize T.J. is snooping too much, he decides to get rid of the pesky teenager – permanently.

    Guest cast: Gary Lockwood as Dexter Linton, Hayden Logston as Michael, Cindy Hamsey as Angel, Lester Bibbs as the emcee, Jack Spirtos as the goon, Joe Hess as the goon, Brett Rice as the suit.