Revenge of the Alien, Part One


    Original Airdate: February 4, 1989

    The gaseous alien that opposed Superboy was defeated when the Boy of Steel placed the being in a canister that was then locked in a lab. Unfortunately, a vandal steals the canister from the laboratory and releases the creature, who now wants revenge on Superboy. Disguised as a policeman, the alien tracks Superboy/Clark Kent to Shuster University, where Clark’s father, Pa Kent, is visiting his son. Suddenly there is a huge explosion, and everyone, including Oark, is temporarily knocked unconscious. In the confusion, the alien enters the body of Pa Kent. When Pa Kent and Lana Lang leave together, no one suspects that the alien has taken over Pa Kent’s body.

    Guest cast: Glenn Scherer as Johnson, Roger Pretto as Lt. Zeke Harris, Dennis Michael as Henry, Dana Mark as Dean Lockhardt, Alan Jordan as Williams, Mark Macaulay as the crook, Chick Bernhardt as the cop, Jerry Eden as the newscaster.