Kryptonite Kills


    Original Airdate: January 28, 1989

    Professor Peterson’s colleagues send part of a glowing green meteorite to Shuster University where he displays it in his geology class. Peterson begins to tell what a great source of energy the rock seems tobe when Clark suddenly faints before the entire class. In the confusion, Lex Luthor steals the strange, radiating rock from space. With the Kryptonite in his clutches, Luthorsets in motion a plan designed to put the entire city in the palm of his hand. Using the stone’s alien energies, Luthor plans to overload the city’s power plant, plunging the city into darkness as a cover to rob the town blind.

    Guest cast: Pamela Bach as Veronica Lawlor, Michael Manno as Leo, Cyndi Vance as Anges, Paul Cohn as Oswald, Larry Prancer as Felix.