The Invisible People


    Original Airdate: January 21, 1989

    Superboy becomes involved with a group of homeless people when he comes to their aid after a savage firebombing of their tent city. Chief suspect is a greedy businessman, Gerold Manfred, who has agreed to sell adjoining property to a real estate developer for $145 million if he is able to rid the nearby land of tent city. T.J., Lana, and Clark get involved in their plight, attempting to fix up the tent city after the fire bombing. Hired goons, acting as Gerold’s “security guards,” kidnap Damon, the leader of the homeless workers. In the scuffle, T.J. is knocked unconscious, unceremoniously dumped in a van, and pushed towards a watery ocean grave. Superboy dashes to save him and the kidnappers escape. Superboy teams up with Lana and the destitute families in an inspirational attempt to rescue their missing ally. Lana finds Damon, but is captured herself by Manfred. When Damon rejects Manfred’s bribes to move the tent city, both of them face death.

    Guest cast: Sonny Shroyer as Gerold Manfred, Greg Morris [Mission: Impossible] as Damon, Cynthia Ann Roses as Alice, Bill Orsini as Gruber, Jack Malone as Baker, Rick Higlet as the cop, Bob Painter as Alex.