Troubled Waters


    Original Airdate: December 10, 1988

    Clark Kent’s father is a prominent and vocal resister to Carl Kenderson, auspicious land investor, who is mysteriously making bids on their community’s modestly valued farmlands. Having obviously chosen an unscrupulous adversary, Jonathan “Pa” Kent soon finds himself in Smallville Community Hospital, the victim of an unexplainable tractor accident. Against Jonathan’s wishes, Clark’s old girlfriend, Ellen Jensen, calls the Kent’s son back to Smallville from Shuster University. When Clark arrives, Pa Kent tells Clark of his suspicions that Kenderson plans on buying up the land and mining it. Clark uses his X-ray vision to discover that there is nothing unusual under the soil except an underground river. When Kenderson sets out to torch the Kent farm, disaster is averted by Superboy, who discovers that the underground river is Kenderson’s goal – he intends to sell the water cheaply to outsiders. But Kenderson isn’t about to quit yet, and part of his plans include the death of Jonathan Kent.

    Guest cast: Julie Donald as Ellen Jensen, Peter Palmer as Cal Kenderson, John Zencda as Jarvis, Daniel Kamin as Borkner, Norman Lund as Bennington, Joe Tomko as Corbin