The Jewel Of Techacal


    Original Airdate: October 8, 1988

    Lana Lang’s globe-trotting father and his assistant are heading to Shuster University to mount and exhibition of artifacts from their latest archaeological dig. Professor Lang’s assistant believes one of the relics is cursed. Their arrival at the local airport seems to support his theory when their landing gear fails to function, and they are nearly killed – except for the fact that Superboy enters the scene in the nick of time and rescues the endangered plane. Reunited with her father after the near catastrophe, Lana Lang tries desperately to smooth out past differences until the curse strikes again, felling Professor Lang with a massive heart attack. It’s clear the curse artifact must be returned to its place of origin or all of Shuster is in danger. Unfortunately, a ruthless upperclassmen, Lex Luthor, along with his henchman, Leo, has pilfered the priceless artifact intending to sell it to the highest bidder. 

    Guest Cast: Peter White as Professor Thomas Lang, Michael Manno as Leo, Gregg Todd Davis as Haines, Forest Neal as Dean Thompson, Bob Barnes as Dr. Spencer