Yes, that’s right! Superboy: The Legacy has it’s own podcast! Here we invite special guests to chat about all things Superboy.

Whether they are cast and crew who participated in the making of the show, to fans and associates who maintain a devoted interest in keeping the show alive, to artists who contribute fan artwork or special items to celebrate the “legacy,” of Superboy: The TV Series.

The doors are now open, let’s see who flies through!!!

Let’s check it out! Click on the Superboy: The Legacy Podcast embedded players for a listen…


Episode #1 – Our Fandom with Superboy: The Series!

Episode #2 – Learning to Fly

Episode #3 – Pitching Season 5

Episode #4 – The Tale of Two Superboy Pilots

Episode #5 – Exclusive Interview with Michael Manno (Leo)

Episode #6: Writers Room 2 – Season 5, Episode 2 “For The Love of Lex”

Episode #7 – The Best of Season Two

Episode #10 – Exclusive Interview with Douglas B. Meyers (Bizarro)

Episode #8 – Rebooting Superman!!!

Episode #11 – Our Picks for The Worst Episodes of Season One

Episode #9 “Revitalizing Superboy!”

Episode #12 – The Best Episodes of Season One


The Roads Not Taken Episodes Commentary

Bizarro The Thing of Steel & Battle With Bizarro Episodes Commentary

Metallo Commentary Track

Super Menace Commentary Track

Hollywood Commentary Track