Bizarro…The Thing Of Steel is Headed for Superman Celebration 2022!

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The Superman Museum two days ago made a big announcement in that actor, Douglas “Barry,” Meyers aka Bizarro himself from The Adventures of Superboy TV Series will be appearing at the Celebration will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans at their store called Hidden Gems Novelty & Collectibles. Here is the official announcement write-up from the Superman Museum social media page.

“One more SUPER announcement… We are proud to announce actor Douglas “Barry” Meyers will be joining us at “Hidden Gems Super Mini Con” which coincides with the 44th Annual Superman Celebration this year! Douglas is best known by Superman fans for his role as Bizarro on DC’s hit show The Adventures of Superboy, though he made another guest appearance on Superboy as Caliban, who possessed significant supernatural power! Barry will be with us June 10th and 11th 2022 at Hidden Gems Novelty and Collectibles signing autographs, and taking photos with Super Fans! Do not miss this very RARE opportunity, BIZARRO does not make many appearances so we feel very lucky to have him this year!”

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Hidden Gems is located at 609 Market Street, just a half a block down from the Super Museum and Superman Statue! We are proud to partner with Superboy: The Legacy for this exciting news!


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