Stacy Haiduk


    “Lana Lang”

    Stacy Haiduk portrays “Lana Lang,” Clark Kent’s (SUPERBOY) childhood friend from Smallville, who is a political science major at Shuster University. Stacy’s portrayal of Lana marks her first major television role.

    Stacy Haiduk moved to New York City fresh out of high school from her hometown in Grand Rapids, Michigan to pursue an acting career. Two weeks after her arrival, she was spotted walking down the street by music video director Martin Cohen, who immediately cast her in Sawyer Brown’s new music video. This first performance led to several other music video performances with recording artists such as Laura Brannigan, Herb Alpert and Jon Anderson.

    Following that, Stacy appeared in PBS’ avant garde production of STEPS, and she recently appeared in a recurring role on the NBC soap, ANOTHER WORLD. Her stage credits include portrayals of Olga in MERRY, WIDOW, and Zenita in MUSIC MAN and two performances at the New York Theatre Workshop.

    Stacy, a dancer since childhood, performed with the Jeffrey Ballet at the Civic Dance Center in Grand Rapids. Today she keeps in shape through a rigorous routine of jogging, aerobics and — her personal favorite — boxing. Stacy practices with a boxing trainer 2-3 hours every other day.

    A student of ballet, jazz and tap dance since childhood, she has performed with the Joffrey Ballet at the Civic Dance Center in Grand Rapids. Although she no longer dances regularly, Stacy remains a fitness aficionado, working out with a personal trainer and practicing aerobics.