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    “T.J. WHITE”

    Jim Calvert portrays “T.J. White,” son of Daily Planet editor Perry White, and Clark Kent’s (Superboy) roommate and fellow journalism student at Shuster University. A young showbiz veteran, Jim’s career spans nearly a decade including roles in stage, film, episodic television and commercials.

    Raised in Santa Barbara, California, Jim began acting in stage productions along with his older brother Bill, with whom he was often cast playing brothers and even twins. Drawn together by common interests, they formed lasting bonds with a small group of peers, all of whom, he says, “enjoyed the camaraderie of the extensive local theatre groups, but at the same time, longed to be part of the professional acting community in Los Angeles.” One by one, members of their circle migrated south, frequently reporting back on everything from good restaurants to good agents. Supportive of their children’s interest in formal training, Jim’s parents moved the family home to metropolitan Los Angeles in 1981.

    After hundreds of classes, auditions and roles, as well as a year at UCLA, Jim traveled to
    Switzerland where he completed a summer fellowship as a stage hand at the Goetheanum
    Theatre. In one of the world’s most spectacular shows, the international company brings the entire work of Faust to the stage once every three or four years. The presentation, which offers nine performances during a seven day period, has a combined run of just over 24 hours.

    “Working on Faust was an incredible experience for me. Here I was at a point in my life when I had left the whole Hollywood scene behind me to re-evaluate my career goals and I was immediately thrown into a whirlwind of stage work, building and rebuilding sets daily, to accommodate the vastness of this mammoth production. We were forced to do an enormous amount of work in such a short period of time that we all basically worked 80% from instinct and 20% from trial and error. I don’t think I could have lasted through it if I wasn’t meant to do this full time. The entire experience really helped me see clearly the direction I needed to go and what my next career step would be.”

    While years of preparation and experience now bring him to the forefront of public visibility
    through his role in SUPERBOY, Jim remains close to his family, especially Bill, who appeared regularly on last season’s highly-acclaimed series, The Slap Maxwell Story.