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Sam J. Rizzo was born in the early 1980s in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Young Sam’s first brush with the world of SUPERBOY: THE SERIES started when he was just six years old. In the summer of 1989, Sam’s father happened to turn on the television to Channel 50 WPWR, which was called the Power Station, and there was SUPERBOY: THE SERIES in at all its glory. The episode that started Sam’s fascination with the show was the first appearance of Bizarro called “Bizarro…The Thing of Steel.” After that episode the rest was history, Sam was hooked onto all things SUPERBOY: THE SERIES. During Christmas of 1990, Sam’s father bought him Epi-Log Magazine issue #22 and on the cover was Gerard Christopher as the Boy of Steel in an heroic pose in front of the American flag. The magazine broke down each episode and featured a number of black and white 8×10 photos that supplemented the episode guide. That magazine was one of the first prized possessions that would begin young Sam on his journey of collecting items from the series. 

In the late 90s, Sam developed a website in response to a number of Superman fans who had no knowledge of SUPERBOY: THE SERIES even existed. Sam took it upon himself to design, create, and publish his first website called Superboy Homepage, in tribute to the show through Angelfire.com website. The website existed from 1999-2002 on the Angelfire.com platform until Sam purchased a dot com address and continued the webpage in the form of Superboy Homepage.com. 

Superboy Homepage.com launched in January 2002, and it quickly became the number one resource for the series. The site was the home base of the official fan writing petition to get the show released onto home video. Through Sam’s efforts, Warner Home Video decided to go into their archives and release the first season Superboy onto DVD to coincide with the release of the new Superman film, Superman Returns in 2006. The disappointing DVD sales of season one did not warrant the release of seasons two through four, and fans were concerned that the final three seasons would never see the light of day. Once again, Sam took to his website and began another online grass roots Superboy DVD campaign to Warner Bros. with the help YouTubers, podcasters, and mail-in-postcards.

Finally in 2011, news broke from a new home video division at Warner Bros. called the Warner Archive Collection that the final three seasons were to be released on DVD through MOD (Made-On-Demand Service). Since that time, SUPERBOY: THE SERIES has enjoyed a second life among Superman fans who have either revisited the series since its initial airings or discovered the series for the first time. In April of 2014, with Superboy Homepage.com’s mission now completed, Sam decided to close the website, and continue on with the Superboy Homepage brand through different social media platforms.

In late 2018, Sam decided it was time to re-brand Superboy Homepage into SUPERBOY: THE LEGACY, since the series now has a second life on physical DVD and digital streaming media services. This new branding would focus on furthering the Superboy series in fresh and creative ways through a newly designed website, exclusive videos, rare photographs, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram) and various other projects. SUPERBOY: THE LEGACY will continue to honor the history of this television series in the grand tapestry of Superman on television and film through its many efforts and contributions for many years to come!